Boy Ordered To Transfer Schools For Carrying Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation

ABC – A California middle school has asked that an 11-year-old boy be transferred elsewhere because he carries a mutation of the gene for cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disease that is not considered contagious. His parents say they will take the issue to court. School administrators told 11-year-old Colman Chadam he needed to transfer from Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto, Calif., because he was considered a risk to another student at the school who has the disease, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “Based on the advice of medical experts, this is the zero risk option, and most certainly helps our District deliver on its commitment to provide safe learning environments,” Charles Young, associate superintendent of education service at the PaloAlto Unified School District, said in a written statement to ABC News. Colman’s parents are going to court to dispute the transfer, claiming their sixth grade son poses no threat to the school or other students.


Boom, there it is. The one story The Sports Reporter found that hit home to him. Jordan Middle School can S a D. For real. Not only do I have Cystic Fibrosis, but so does my sister. Ive been through surgeries, hospitalizations and so many meds you’d think I owned my own pharmacy. You could name almost anything- besides an erectile disfunction med, and I’ve probably been on it. Every antibiotic in the world. Today was a bronchoscopy that damn near took my life. Docs continually had to stop the procedure just to make sure my oxygen level would go up and my blood gases would go down. A 30-minute surgical procedure turned into a 2-hour ordeal. Then to make matters worse, I wouldn’t wake up from anesthesia. Doctor said he kept nudging me and shaking me and out cold I was. I was about 10 minutes from being hooked to a respirator when badda bing, badda boom, there I awoke. Quickly talking and making requests like I was never out. The place was floored. Now I have a sore throat that feels like someone drove a rototiller down it. Damn breathing tubes are no joke. But I didn’t infect any of the doctors. Or nurses. Or anesthesiologist. Because that doesn’t happen. Getting sick is what happens to us. We get sick, we get fixed, and we don’t contaminate others. And we HAVE the disease. Just like this young boy is a carrier, our parents are carriers of the gene. Which is why we have it. So to order this boy to transfer schools would mean that my mom and dad could be treated the same way. Obviously they wouldn’t transfer schools seeing as how their too old, but who’s to say jobs or places of business could do that? Being a carrier doesn’t mean you’re contaminated or that you’re going to get someone sick. Fuck, I cant even get someone sick and I have the illness. ME. And this shit is killing me. I’ve gone to 3 different schools and not once have I been treated this way. This school should be ashamed and hopefully for this kid’s sake his parents win millions upon millions from that shabby institution . Then he should be allowed to quit at 11-years old, retire at 12, and become the youngest millionaire ever.

That has been my wish my entire life. Just to become rich. Now, its to get these new lungs, become a blogger and share my thoughts with the world. I needed realistic dreams. I was shooting for the sky with a Red Rider BB Gun.



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