Alcoholic Man From India, Sells Wife For $110 To Pay For Booze

Huff Post – A 42-year-old Indian man described as an “alcoholic” allegedly attempted to sell his wife for about $110 to pay for his drinking habit, the Times of India reports. The newspaper writes that Medula Rajender of Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh, was reportedly arrested Monday following a complaint lodged by his eldest son. Rajender allegedly “struck a deal” with a broker to sell his wife after his daily wages proved too paltry to buy enough liquor for himself.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Of course this man attempted to sell his wife for booze. She probably nagged him everyday  about how much he loved booze more than her and how he was an alcoholic and blah, blah, blah. But for $110? C’mon man. What he didn’t realize is that that’s how women roll. As I lay here blogging from a hospital bed, after having a bronchoscopy that almost killed me, I understand how much I need a woman who cares for me like Medula does him. Someone who wants me to love them, wants to love me and who wants to nurse me back to health. Because right now, these chicks getting paid to help me recover aren’t doing it. Bunch of robots with no feelings or even looks. At least yesterday I had young Grade A’s waiting on me. Today, its old granny’s. No I will not listen to you. Bring in that brunette from the 11th floor.


Ps, what the fuck is wrong with India? They lack creativity? These fools have the same first name and they’re married. Took me almost this entire creative experience to realize that.



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