Stephen A. Smith Is The Love Doctor

(Skip to the 1:00 mark)

These two are constantly getting in arguments where it’ll make me feel uncomfortable. Just me, my milkshake, and my bowl of cereal. I’ll sit there like, “ahhhh, I can’t believe he just said that.” And by ‘he’ I mean Skip. Old white dudes never know who to talk to African Americans. I’m fully surprised Stephen A. hasn’t put him on notice. Either off-camera or on it. Instead he just stays nice, and joking with him. Talking about how great friends they are, how Skip’s a great guy, and now apparently how he’s an O.G. when it came to Ernistine. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, huh?

Btw, how fuckin’ ugly of a name is Ernistine? Probably a troll or hunchback.



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