Andy Reid Fires His Defensive Coordinator Who He Had Promoted From Offensive Line Coach

ESPN – Juan Castillo’s offense-to-defense coaching experiment backfired in Philadelphia, costing the defensive coordinator his job. Castillo was fired by Eagles coach Andy Reid on Tuesday and replaced by secondary coach Todd Bowles. It was the first time Reid dismissed a coach midseason in his 14 years in charge. Before the 2011 season, Reid decided to promote Castillo after 13 seasons as offensive line coach. The move was a stunner. It came after a long search and with new defensive line coach Jim Washburn already in place running a wide-nine scheme that isn’t widely used.

You’re 31st in scoring offense. You’re 13th in scoring defense. The fix? Fire your defensive coordinator. Philly remains the city of brotherly hate. All around a bunch of assholes. Their problem is Andy Reid and his play calling. Until that is focused in on, enjoy seasons of 8-8 where you watch your starting quarterback get assaulted in the first degree.

Ps, As a New York Giants fan I love this shit show going on in Philly the last 2 years. Just hand us the division, guys. We accept.



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