Livestrong Loses It’s Nuts


NY Daily News – Lance Armstrong resigned as the chairman of his Livestrong charity on Wednesday so the cancer-fighting organization could focus on its mission instead of the scandal surrounding its founder – shortly before Nike, his longtime sponsor, announced that it had terminated its contract with the embattled cyclist.

Amongst losing his nuts to cancer, Lance lost all his Tour de France victories, his Nike sponsorship and now his chair man’s position at Livestrong. He was quoted as saying, “I have had the great honor of serving as this foundation’s chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities,” “Today therefore, to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career, I will conclude my chairmanship.”

Nice job raising the white flag, Lance. Just bail. Get out the way. Try and save face. It’s not like your the founder of a cancer foundation that was created from your cycling success. Na, you should easily be able to disappear into the fog.

I guess what Lance doesn’t realize is whether he’s chairman or not, he’s the founder of the organization. His name is forever linked to it. Livestrong is Lance Armstrong. And vice versa. Like it or not, people. In my opinion, who are we to judge if this man took steroids anyways? Not only is he a cancer survivor, but it was testicular cancer. Cancer of a man’s balls. A man without his nuts isn’t truly a sane thinking human. So yeah, he might have juiced, however, I don’t care. If juicing and winning bike races helped him forget that nature gave him the worst vasectomy then I’m all for it. Let the man live… Live Strong.



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