Lacy Has That Good Baggage


Here I am stuffing my face with honey barbecue wings and cheese pizza at 1:30am when I stumble upon this beaut on Jerry Springer's tv show "Baggage". Lacy is just supplying me with some mean dessert. A brunette with curves, tits, and an eye popping smile. And not to mention a killer smirk. Almost lost my shit right there. Plus she prefers sex on the washer, and thinks about where her and her date can go after the dinner. Meaning shes DTF. My only throw off was that she followed fish and wide spread panic for 3-years, living out of hr car. Basically she lived the life of a gypsy. That makes her like 55% crazy so I guess I can deal with that in exchange for her bomb looks. Fuck me do I dig crazy.






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