Raemon Matthews Had Teen Pose For Racy Photos In Classroom Cage For Her College Portfolio

NY Daily News – Raemon Matthews, a nationally regarded history teacher at Samuel Gompers High School in the Bronx, has been barred from the classroom for sexual wrongdoing involving students. An investigation by the New York City Department of Education found that Matthews intimidated a 17-year-old female student into posing for explicit photos in a classroom cage that was used for storage. The educator was found to have engaged the teen in inappropriate activities, including fondling her breasts and private areas as well as posing for the photos under the pretense of “attract[ing] college recruiters and employers,” the New York Daily News reports. Matthews has pleaded guilty to sexual abuse. The teen reportedly attempted to stop the sessions once, but was told, “no, bo-boo, we’re just getting started.” She didn’t pursue the issue because she was afraid “he would hurt or fail her.” Matthews also encouraged the student to “look sexier,” and he had to “see more” of the scantily clad teen for the supposed college portfolio, the New York Post reports. The wrongdoings surfaced in late 2010 when a custodian found the photos on a CD.


No wonder I never got into any of the universities I applied for. My grades were through the roof. No one is smarter than the Sports Reporter. Got knowledge for days. However, my high school guidance counselor never told me I had to send in a sexy CD. That was my flaw. All these schools just took my applications, my application fees and probably sat there like, “where the fuck is his application CD?” “How are we supposed to know if he’s attractive enough for our establishment?” “How are we supposed to know who to dorm him with?” Fuck, I could have been dorming and partying with so many Grade A Primes over the last few years, but instead I was forced to go to a community college, meet no one, and feel more poor than I already was. This chick should be thanking him for looking after her. For helping better her life. If she’s just going to be rude about it then I’m going to get in touch with him, tell him I’m interested in going back to school to upgrade my two Associates for Bachelor’s degrees and see where it goes from there. Hopefully I can get into Yale or Princeton. Only Raemon knows for sure though.




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