Gang-Rape Victim Gets Expelled From School For ‘Tarnishing The Institution’s Image’

Huff Post – A private school in Depok City, Indonesia, has reportedly reversed its decision to expel a 14-year-old rape victim, following the media frenzy surrounding the incident earlier this week. The school expelled the teenager on Monday, claiming she “tarnished the institution’s image after she was raped by a trafficking syndicate.” Identified only by the acronym SAS, the young girl is said to have been kidnapped and gang-raped by a child trafficking syndicate in late September.

All these countries claim how horrible the U.S. is and how much they hate us for it, but yet you never hear stories like this coming out of our school system. Occasionally you get the teacher/student sex scandal, or like my last post where a teacher persuaded a student to take seductive photos, but never do you get a school expelling a student for getting kidnapped and raped. And not just raped once. But four times. And then they use the excuse, “she tarnished our image.” How about that fact that these dudes tarnished her vagina, her teen years, and any dude’s life who ultimately dates her in the future. I’m guessing dating a rape victim is no piece of pie for a man. Good luck putting the moves on her or trying to be sexy. All she’s going to think about is Sugiarto and his 3 homies. I may have no heart, but I’m passing on that one. Its bad enough I dig and attract crazy chicks, but rape is a whole different crazy. I’ll stick with getting harassed for “suspected cheating”, “not showing enough attention”, “not displaying enough affection”, “loving football too much”, “not wanting to get married”, and “hating her family.” Because everyone knows 95% of chicks suffer from the above mentioned so I’ll never get away from these complaints. However, Google notifies me that, “in 2011 the US Centers for Disease Control found that “nearly 20% of all women” suffered rape or attempted rape sometime in their life. More than a third of the victims were raped before the age of 18.”  

So 95% normal crazy plus 20% added on crazy makes these women 115% crazy. Thats her more crazy than human. Which make it more than any man should ever have to deal with. Like if your woman is 100% crazy you’re dealing with like Casey Anthony, or Lorena Bobbitt, or Wanetta Gibson. I’ll stick with the 80% of the none rapee female population who are only 95% loco.

I know all of you are impressed with that math problem and answer I was able to come up with. At least my family can be proud that my Accounting degree and Business Management degree are working.

Ps, I hope the government doesn’t come looking for me for Google-ing “child sex trafficking.” That can’t be a good look for me, scumbag blogger or not.

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