Benjamin Edetanlen Blames The Bible’s Verse, “Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child” For Reason He Killed His Infant Son

Huff Post – A Georgia father, sentenced Wednesday to 18 years for murdering his 5-month-old son, used a biblical verse to defend the fatal beating, the WSB-TV reports. Benjamin Edetanlen said he was acting on the old adage, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”



The last thing I want is the law stepping in and telling me how to raise or discipline my child. Do they understand how rude and disobedient kids are nowadays? Sons are getting arrested at 13 for pedaling drugs and assaulting, and the females are spreading their legs at all ages- some as young as 11 and 12, popping kids out before they’ve received their high school diploma. The world is all kinds of upside down. So this man simply read the bible like so many clammer for people to do, and then he used information that he learned from it to better raise his children to become better members of the society. Isn’t that what all Christians and Catholics claim that reading the bible does? I thought they said it was a book of worship, a book of bettering ones self?

I know I said how kids are dicks nowadays, and I mean that with everything in me, but let’s face it, the child was 5-months old. How much of a fuck up could it have possibly been at that age? Oh, what’d he do, bro, shit too many times? Throw up his formula on himself? Sleep for 14 hours of the day instead of 18? Come on, brah, newborns suck and make you want to commit suicide, but that’s their job. You were the same way. Unfortunately your father or mother didn’t use blunt trauma enough on you. This man is crazier than Rex Ryan’s play calling. A couple drinks short of bringing the hot girl home from the bar. And a few candles short of being the brightest pumpkin on the block in October. Religion was just his cop out. His excuse.

Just shows what diehard religion goers are all about. They’ll say it saves lives until they murder one, then they’ll say it was due to religion. Just a bunch of cult goers who have no self worth or worldly knowledge. Religion is a morality thing, folks. No need to take it so serious. Believe in it, go to church and read the bible, that’s cool and understandable, but don’t require it to run your life or make such drastic decisions. That’s what a conscious is for. Its our belief of whats right and wrong. We’re born with that. We don’t learn it from a book.

But at least he looks happy so the Bible must be doing something right for him. Maybe it does work…?



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