Felix Baumgartner Base Jumps From The Edge Of The World

Yahoo – Felix Baumgartner stepped out of the space capsule an astonishing 128,100 feet, or 24.26 miles above earth, about three times the cruising altitude of jetliners. The skydiver plummeted for 4:20 seconds, but it seemed an eternity, because his faceplate was fogging up on the way down as he fell through harsh atmospheric conditions at a dizzying speed. Baumgartner was also thrown into a dangerous tumble shortly after exiting. “It felt like a flat spin,” said Baumgartner. “I had a lot of pressure in my head, but I felt I could regain control so we could go after the sound barrier.”

Today I was able to see an attempted suicide that was unsuccessful. Felix Baumgartner literally jumped from levels where he could see the entire Earth in a circular figure. Some shit you only see from pictures from outer space. Or in a movie. Or in a cartoon because its always seemed that unrealistic. That was more impressive to me than the actual jump and landing. How does a human break the sound barrier and base jump from outer space? That just seems like it goes against everything science taught us. Either that or I paid real shitty attention in school. The conditions were so harsh that his visor fogged up making it so he couldn’t see. And before that the conditions took him for a spin once he jumped. Now, I don’t do heights. I can barely go on a ride at our agricultural fair, never mind free falling 120,000 feet. To put it into perspective, I had to explain to my mom that planes fly at 30,000-39,000 feet. She was still unimpressed and questioned why I was watching the Space Jump over Dallas vs Baltimore. I calmly stated that watching Dallas was like watching a live car crash that you were pre-aware was going to occur. Space Jump was historical. No one 20+ years from now is going to ask if I remember the game Dallas played against Baltimore where they lost because their star receiver dropped a 2-point conversion and their kicker missed a 53-yard game-winning field goal. Everyone is going to want to know about Felix Baumgartner.

This man can literally do whatever he wants for eternity from here on out. Like call any girl for sexual favors. Get any meal he wants, at any restaurant he wants, and never have to take out his wallet. Fuck landing on the moon, and dropping the Mars Rover, base jumping from outer space at 120,000 feet is the manliest, most impressive thing astronomy has been a part of. And it wasn’t even run by NASA. Instead, Red Bull made it happen. Red Bull truly “Has Wings.”



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