Casey Anthony Sued For $3 Billion For Being An Illuminati Actress In Cahoots With Nancy Grace

Huffington Post – A Pennsylvania woman filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Casey Anthony, claiming that Anthony threatened to kill her. In the lawsuit, Naomi Riches alleged that Anthony “is an Illuminati actress” who made threats to kill her and who caused her “severe psychological damage.” She also claimed that Anthony was “in cahoots” with both TV personality Nancy Grace and the U.S. government.



Will Casey Anthony not stop until she’s killed everyone in her path? She takes out her own daughter and now she’s putting out hits on random citizens. At least that’s what this lunatic Naomi wants you to think. Come on, honey, you couldn’t come up with anything better than “she’s an Illuminat actress who is in cahoots with Nancy Grace and the U.S. government”? Now I believe you on the government part. Anyone who was as blatantly guilty as she was who walks away scot-free is definitely in cahoots with their government. Plus, look at that face while she was on trial for child murder. So smug. So evil. So dick-wrecking. But being in cahoots with Nancy Grace? Everyone knows that no one likes Nancy Grace. Why would you be in cahoots with her? I mean, its obvious that her fiancé hired his coworker to kill him so he didn’t have to marry her. That’s dedication to hating someone. You get yourself in a predicament like having to marry Nancy Grace and then there’s no turning back. Nope. Its either go through with it and live a ruined, tortured life or have the monkey in the cubicle next to you put a few bullets in your skull. Its option numero dos 11 times out of 10.



Here’s the best of Casey Anthony…



And my personal fav…

So dick-wrecking. So dick-wrecking.


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