An Entire High School Football Team Completes The Most Epic Offensive Fail

First thing, their offensive line looked like the played for the Arizona Cardinals. Every single one of them went to the right, quarterback and running back went to the left. 4 defenders come into the picture and the quarterback comes up with the brilliant idea of pitching it to his running back. Only he doesn’t give him a chest pass, no, he throws a rocket towards his dome piece. Fortunately for the offense the running back catches it off the face deflection. Unfortunately for them he decides to pull a Jim Marshall- and run the wrong way. But what makes this player even dumber than running the wrong way, is that he voluntarily fumbled the ball. Thats some Santonio Holmes type shit right there. Totally selfish. Not a team player. Congratulations #20, you’re on your way to starting for the New York Jets in 4-5 years.



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