A Revolutionary Breast Cancer Vaccine Is 100% Effective In Mice, But Money Holds Up Its Human Trials


WNDU – Vincent Tuohy who two years ago, after ten years of research, developed what may very well be the world’s very first breast cancer vaccine. Dr. Tuohy says the vaccine would be used in women once they have completed their family. The Tuohy Vaccine is currently on a shelf at the Cleveland Clinic awaiting clinical trials in women. After ten years of research, on three different mice models, Dr. Tuohy and Dr. Ruddy believe he has found a vaccine that could mean women would no longer need mammograms or pink ribbons or a special month. Dr. Tuohy said of his research, “We have an animal model that 100 percent of the females develop breast cancer. When we vaccinated those animals at two months of age we found that none of the mice that received the vaccine, none of them developed any tumors by the ten month period.” Dr. Ruddy adds, “We have something the Cleveland Clinic has developed. The world’s first preventative breast cancer vaccine which is 100 % effective in preventing breast cancer in three animal models. And it’s time to see if the vaccine is safe, and if safe, is effective in women.” Funding is the reason those trials have not moved forward.


Finally a cure for something. Sooommmeeeetttthhiiiinnnnggggg. I see all these damn diseases and illnesses getting ribbons and months and charities and not once have I ever heard anything remotely close to a cure for any of them. Leave it to money to be the deciding factor between saving thousands  of lives now, and possible hundreds of thousands in the future. Even Susan G. Komen is refusing funding. So much for Susan G. being for the cure. It was, and still is my belief that all these diseases and illnesses could easily be cured, but then companies would go out of business, too many people would lose occupations, and the world would over-populate to something like China. That is why we have diseases people. Im guessing 90 percent are chemically caused and 99 percent are curable. But thats just me. It does make me happy to see that maybe my assumption could be wrong. That and maybe I wont have to watch grown men in the NFL run around wearing pink for the entire month of October anymore. It was a cool idea at first but now Im over it.



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