Retired Cop Fatally Shoots His Son When He Mistakes Him For A Burglar

Yahoo – A retired Chicago police officer has shot and killed his son, after mistaking him for a burglar. Michael Griffin, 48, died of a gunshot wound to the head at his father’s home in the northwest side of Chicago, CBS Local Chicago reports. It was a tragic case of mistaken identity for Michael’s father, Chicago Police Detective James Griffin, according to another son. “My brother was staying there, and last I heard they were watching the Jay Leno show and my dad fell asleep,” Stephen Griffin told CBS Local Chicago. According to police, Michael had apparently left the apartment and returned through a back door. “And I guess he assumed my brother was at home sleeping, and when someone came in the back door, he just naturally assumed it was an intruder,” Stephen said of his father.


Hold on, this man, the father, is 77-years-old. The surprising thing isn’t that he fell asleep, or that he shot his own son. No, the surprising thing is that he was sleeping with his pistol. Why is a 77-year-old strapped why dozing off on the couch. Also, why is he strapped at all. At 77-years-old he shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons AT ALL. Not a steak knife at dinner or a fork for lunch. Make him eat with a spork at all times. I don’t care what the meal is. They shouldn’t even be allowed to drive. Too risky to the public. And then I ask, why did he just shoot right off the get go? I think these police officers- old and new- are taking this whole “shoot first, ask questions later” approach a little too literal. How about we give a warning first, like, “hey I have a gun don’t come any further.” That way your son, who’s staying at the house with you can go, “hey dad, it’s me, Michael.” Then nobody dies. Gun control, folks. Gun control. Obviously the laws and tests in place aren’t doing the job. Innocent people are dying because the wrong people are allowed to possess firearms that they have no business, nor need for. Unless you’re some pro skeet shooter or pro hunter- if that’s even a profession- then there’s no reason to own a gun. Let’s be realistic about that.

On a sarcastic note, I’m curious as to how far the shot was and how many times he shot. Simply to know how much he meant business and how accurate of a shooter he is at 77. Like, is he Bryan Mills or a newb?


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