Caution: Feet In Motion Are Closer Than They Appear


Just a handful of financially poor Asians breaking dancing on some tore up cardboard where the grass looks like its burnt to shit and mostly sand. Everyone’s just sitting around motionless as Bruce Lee goes Eddy Gordo from Tekken on a young Marshall Law. Every Tekken player knows you cant get that close to Eddy when he drops to the floor. Wait it out, bro, and then hit him with the Dragon Kick Fury, the Nut Cracker, or the Dragon Bites. Game over after that.



Ps, Everyone knows that using Eddy Gordo in Tekken was a cheat. My dad and I would let my sister use him- she was probably 6-7 at the time- and she could regularly win with him. And she was HORRIBLE at video games. Using Eddy is like playing with the Pats in Madden and Miami and the Lakers in NBA2K. If youre doing that, I dont want to know you as a person.



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