Bus Driver Thinks He Hears “Finish Her!” So He Uppercuts Female Passenger For The TKO

Ok, ok. So I know the real question here is, why the fuck didn’t she have her hands up? Protect yourself at all times, ma! The streets didn’t teach you that?

But really, why do females feel the need to antagonize men to the point of fist fighting when they know damn well the law strictly prohibits male on female altercations? Is it because of the law? Do they feel like they can just belittle us men, strike us, and then fall back on the “you better not hit me, asshole. I’m a woman.” Cause that’s just a straight up bitch move. If this chick had the balls to act tough and talk about beating ass, and yadda yadda yadda then she should have the balls to throw down. Nope. She got uppercut, a straight “to the moon, Alice” shot. Then she babbled about having her man come back to whoop his ass for hitting a woman. Come on, sweetheart. Woman up and swing on him.

Now, I’m not saying what he did was right. Because swinging on a woman never is. I firmly believe that. But, I also don’t think women should be allowed to act the way this woman did to this man. If she were to swing on him, hit him with a Tekken style uppercut, no one has this kind of uproar. The title would have been, “how much of a pussy is this guy for getting knocked out by a woman” or “Is this the most badass woman you’ve ever seen?” Instead its “How fucked up is this guy for hitting a female?” Double standards all up the ass. Can’t we all just get along?

Ps, Forget everything I just wrote. This happened in Cleveland so I guess I can’t be too surprised. Clevelanders just don’t give a fuck. Its written in their City Hall. Look at what they did to poor LBJ and Art Modell…

And then they have the nerve to say..

You’re right, you’re worse.


One thought on “Bus Driver Thinks He Hears “Finish Her!” So He Uppercuts Female Passenger For The TKO

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