A Guy Eating Another Guy On The Subway [Beware It Is Graphic]

I caught word of this video yesterday. I wasn’t going to blog about it because I was skeptical of its realism. I showed 4 members of my family this- 3 of them said “that can’t be real” and 1 just sat there staring. I had the same reaction. I just stared at it to visualize the whole thing. Really take it in. Like, was he really chewing on the guys arm and fingers? Was the real blood? Or was this just some weird Asian Halloween video that’s going viral. And if it is real, why was everyone just standing around watching and videotaping? Did no one think it was morally right to help a man being eaten alive? Would you want an audience while Hannibal chewed on you like were some barbecued chicken wing? I’m thinking this is fake, but if its real… what the fuck is going on with this world when we resort to fucking eating each other on the god damn subway?! Son of a bitch, people. If that’s not the shittiest way to die, I don’t know what is. I’m hoping the Mayan’s were right just so I only have 2 months left to survive being eaten by a zombie. Better get my chainsaw, machete, or samurai ready for the zombie apocalypse. Everyone knows the best way to kill a zombie is to take destroy their brain. At least that’s what Google just told me.



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