Penn State Might Be The Cockiest Group Of People Ever

Yahoo – Just 12 hours before Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison and his lawyers held a press conference criticizing the media coverage, lack of preparation time and the overall bias of the proceedings, one of those lawyers was getting drunk with Penn State students and trying to find a lady of the evening.


Is there a bunch of people who are bigger asshole scumbags than the individuals who go to Penn State? Not only did they allow child abuse to take place within their grounds, but the night before the accuser is said to be sentenced they decide to party it up with his lawyer, straight sexual assaulting this man in every way possible. He pays for their drinks on his budget and what does he get, he gets them running to the press to snitch a mother fucker out. Where was the snitching the last 30 years, guys?

Then they went to social media to fuck this guy even more:


Yup, Penn State is nothing but a bunch of dicks. A bunch of child loving, snitching, dicks.


Be sure to check out the hyperlink and for the full article. These students were definitely out to get his guy. I guarantee it.



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