Israel Idonije Tells Rookies, “Check, Please”


Pro Football Talk – After taking the defensive line and a few linebackers out for a Rookie Night dinner, McClellin and practice squader Aston Whiteside were presented with a bill for more than $38,000.

“I didn’t see how, like, 10 guys could spend that much money on one bill,” McClellin said, via Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune. “I was just like: ‘Oh, I’m going to have to pay someone back because I can’t pay all of that right now.’”


My first question is, what restaurant was this done at? That way I can know whether it was truly funny or not. Like if it was done at Alinea’s then I’m not laughing. But if Idonije had like the fuckin’ local Pub 99 do this, then yeah, I’d laugh. I’d basically be sweating profusely trying to figure out how I got a bill for $40,000 when I know the entire restaurant doesn’t cost $40,000.

But with that said, you’re telling me that as a professional defensive end and 1st round draft pick for the Chicago Bears, you can’t afford $38,000? C’mon man. I just saw an article where Al Jefferson dropped $23,000 on a bed. Plus, your teammate Aston Whiteside was helping out. Throw out your signing bonuses and walk out the place. Baller style.

And I know you’re joking with, “I didn’t see how, like, 10 guys could spend that much money on one bill.” You took out defensive linemen and linebackers. Those guys are human hippopotamus’. Plus, a little alcohol can turn any $25 into a $75 within minutes. Trust me, I know. Its the main reason why I still live at home. That, and because I’m still a student, hate cooking, and my mom is damn good at it.



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