Dad Of The Year Takes His Kids Mountain Climbing

Stuff – A Chinese father and his two children had to be rescued after ascending Japan’s Mount Fuji with nothing more than a cup of water and a chocolate bar. He Liesheng took his son and daughter to Japan, determined to climb Mount Fuji and make a political statement – that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. When he was told that it was off-season and the 3776 metre mountain was not open, He Liesheng and his children reportedly climbed over the barrier and headed for the top. Strong winds set in but they didn’t deter Eagle Dad. It was only when Duoduo was crying and nearly collapsing from altitude sickness that his father admitted defeat.


What the fuck is wrong with Asia? Yesterday, I saw a video of a chinese dude eating another dude on the subway, then I saw a video of an asian couple video taping their 2 twin children falling asleep in a restaurant trying to eat their sketti (shout out to Honey Boo Boo) dinner, and now this dad who made his 2 children climb a mountain with him with nothing but a cup of water and a chocolate bar. The same dad who tortured the very son in the photo by making him run around outside in the snow doing push-ups in nothing but his underwear. Oh, you don’t remember that? Never saw it? Well, here you go..


Im not sure how this guy still has his kid. China should have gone all Kevin Federline on his Britney Spears ass and taken sole custody. Then put him in some orphanage and shipped him to some American family’s house where he can grow up and learn how to become dumb, fat, lazy, unproductive, and have average wealth like the rest of us. That’s the American Dream.



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