Robotic Luggage Is Soon To Be All The Rage.. I Guarantee It.

Fox News – Enter the “Hop!”– robotic luggage that uses the bluetooth technology on your smart phone to allow your bag to follow behind you like a loyal puppy.

Ok, now this is the shit I’m talking about. Screw trying to cure sleep apnea, figure out global warming, or attempt world peace. Developing suitcases that follow you is the shit. I don’t know about you guys, but when I vacation, I vacation. Which means I like to bring half my home with me. Clothes, shoes, meds, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, basically all my daily necessities. But having to carry the suitcase or wheel it around is a bigger bitch than Ursula. But now you’re telling me that there’s the potential of having my suitcase carry itself, wheeling behind me as I operate it with my iPhone?!?! Yup, where do I go to get one and how much do I have to give up. My first born? A rib? An arm and a leg? My left nut? You name it, you’ve got it. Just send that bad boy First Class to mi casa.

On second thought, I’m gonna need two or three of them cause they’re tiny as shit. Who does Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez think a majority of the vacationers are, Amy and Matt Roloff?




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