Dale Jr. Cries That He’s Scared And Wants To Find Another Job

SB NationEarnhardt Jr. made his strongest comments to date about restrictor-plate racing after a last-lap crash triggered by Tony Stewart collected his car along with at least 19 others. “If this is what we did every week, I wouldn’t be doing it,” he said after finishing 21st. “I’ll just put it to you like that. If this is how we raced every week, I’d find another job.”

Wahhh, wahhhh, wahhhh. Sounds like Dale Jr. is approaching that time of the month. “I don’t like that the cars go fast and crash violently. Thats not how the sport should be.” Sorry, Dale. Pussy ass Nascar didn’t even make the list of the 12 most deadly sports. What’s that tell ya? Dudes have been going a bazillion miles per hour for years at Daytona and Talladega, and it ain’t going to change. Your dad died and they still didn’t change the rules or canceled the tracks. And he was arguably the greatest of all-time. And if not, he was second to Richard Petty. So no one is going to listen to some guy who struggles to win every week, finishes 11th on the reg, and makes a majority of his money off what his dad did to the family name. If you were Dale Smith, no one would even care about you. You’d be like 21st in fan favorites, you never would have got a job at Hendrick Motorsports, and you’d make a quarter of what you do now. Suck it up, brah. Strap on your seatbelt and Hans device and get ready to races Daytona and Talladega 4 times a year.


And then there’s Kevin Harvick waying in on the discussion with fans on Twitter. This is why Kevin Harvick is my favorite driver..




One thought on “Dale Jr. Cries That He’s Scared And Wants To Find Another Job

  1. I have got to the point where I respect Jr. for not for being Dale’s son but for the guys that trust him on the track weekend.
    He has always worn his emotions on his sleeve, thats Dale Jr. and I am ok with that but unfortunatly you will get some comments that make fanns cringe. Still understand and will always
    pull for Jr.
    His dad was ” The Man” and Jr. is his son, he is just trying win races and be competeitive like anyone that straps their butt into a 200 mph race car.
    He is one of the best 15 drivers in NASCAR today, not bad if you think about it.


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