You Know How I Know Matt Schaub Is Racist?



For all you new-aged folk who clammer how racism is on the decline I present you with the evidence above. Matt Schaub, a white quarterback for Houston, threw to 3 caucasian teammates 12 times for 178 yards. Meanwhile, he threw to his to African American teammates twice for 31 yards. No big deal or anything. Its not like Foster or Johnson are the 2 best players on offense. Nope. The other 3 must have just worked harder so they were rewarded. Fuck that bullshit, son son. I expect to see Reverend Al Sharpton in Houston no later than Tuesday morning at 10am holding a protest for civil rights. Also, Daniels, Casey and Walter should each have to donate 1 reception and 10 yards to Foster and Johnson. Only then will my Equal Rights ass be satisfied.

Ps, I’m a Caucasian male so keep that in mind when judging me.

Pss, Ignore the category “TGTS.” That category is misleading. Yes, AJ had 6 targets, but 4 of them were completely uncatchable. One was drastically under-thrown for an interception and the other 3 were drastically over-thrown. So he had 2 targets realistically.



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