Roger Goodell Reaffirms What He Has Yet To Affirm

ESPN – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reduced the bounty-related suspensions of two New Orleans Saints players while upholding the punishments of two others. Linebacker Scott Fujita’s three-game suspension has been reduced to one, while defensive end Anthony Hargrove’s eight-game penalty has been trimmed to seven games. The suspensions of linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith will remain the same, at 16 and 4 respectively.


Nice job, Rog. I see you going all Vince McMahon on the NFL. Just kendo sticking the entire Saints organization right across the back, shoulders, and head. Looks like you put in some serious effort into this decision. Let’s suspend these players 16, 8, 4, and 3 games, have the appeals judge overturn the decision, and then re-suspend them 16, 7, 4, and 1 games. Yup, the commish basically gave a giant f-you to everyone besides Scott Fujita. Goodell’s response was that “most players reinforced his key facts disclosed in the investigation.” Only, Goodell refuses to disclose those facts and his investigation. The only thing he’s mentioned is that “the program offered cash rewards for ‘cart-offs,’ that players were encouraged to ‘crank up the John Deere tractor’ and have their opponents carted off the field, and that rewards were offered and paid for plays that resulted in opposing players having to leave the field of play.” Thanks, Rog, but we already knew that. That’s why the investigation is going on. You should really go into politics with how you walk around subjects and reword answers and questions. You’re killing me, brah. I really, reaaallllyy hope Jonathan Vilma wins his defamation lawsuit and that the appeals judge overturns these suspension as well. Then I hope Vince comes in, says, “You’re fffiiiiirrrrrrrreeed” and then hires The Raw GM, AJ Lee to have your job. At least she’s better to look at.



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