Mother Of The Year Tattoos Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Yahoo – A North Carolina mom who moonlights as a tattoo artist figured it would be fine, and now she’s in trouble with police for giving her 11-year-old daughter a tattoo. “She asked me to do it,” 30-year-old Odessa Clay, who sports plenty of her own body art, told WCTI-TV. The tattoo is of a small heart near the girl’s right shoulder.


It took one of my mom’s friends, my parents getting divorced and a terminal illness for my mother to allow me to get my ears pierced. And I was 13-years-old. How pathetic is that? Meanwhile, this 11-year-old girl is getting tattoos ok’d by her mother. I’m more jelly than a donut right now. Super jelly. And if this girl asked for the tattoo and the mom took the necessary precautions like a sanitary working station and numbing the tattoo area, then what is the hassle? Her mom even went the route of tattooing the girl herself. That minimizes another problem. Seems to me this mom took everything into her hands and made all the responsible decisions. Let’s stop wasting tax payers dollars. Let’s go out and arrest the murderers and pedophiles, and leave the Mother’s Of The Year candidates alone.



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