Could This Be The Best Job Ever?

I just got done watching my DVR’d Monday Night Raw from earlier tonight when I happened to notice CM Punk go all WWE Champion on a couple of fans. This dude has the best job in the world, hands down. Not only did he get to beat the pulp out of his boss for 15 minutes- using ring beams, the announcer’s table, his fists and feet, and kendo sticks, but he finished it all off with assaulting 2 fans. And everybody can keep saying it’s fake. We get it. But, Vince was bleeding real blood half-way through. And I’m pretty sure the writers didn’t have it sketched in there for Punk for beat up their paying customers. That’s just the greatest of this guy. He’s a master on the mic. He calls himself The Best In The World. And he demands respect. You hear that? The Best In The World demands RESPECT, people!



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