The Reviews For Taken 2 Are In..

So this weekend I went to see Taken 2. I was a huge fan of Taken, mostly because we all saw how much of a badass Liam Neeson was. And how much shit he had to deal with with his ex-wife and his dumb, disobedient daughter. But, I had my worries about creating a sequel. Sequels suck. All the time. My buddy and I were trying to think of action flicks that didn’t worsen as they went along and The Bourne Series were the only ones we could come up with. Well folks, Taken is not like The Bourne Series. Taken 2 sucked. I basically predicted the plot and ending before the movie even started. And I repeatedly predicted scenes and even quotes throughout. I was a perfect 6 for 6. Ask my buddy who sat to my left and the girl who sat to my right. We joked throughout the full hour and 30 minutes. Liam was still badass, but the 2 broads who were cast beside him cant act for shit. Sorry, Lenore. You’re not Oscar worthy. And neither were you, Kim. Taken was a top action movie and all Taken 2 did was diminish it. Olivier Megaton ruined his creation. Nice going, ya schmuck. Listen to Rotten Tomatoes, folks. Go see something else. Like Looper.



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