Ryan Williams Decides To Take A Quick Nap In The 4th Quarter

So this week I was forced to start Ryan Williams as my RB2 over Mikel LeShoure who had a bye week and Fred Jackson who was going up against the vaunted San Francisco defense. This was his farthest run of the night- a 12 yard gain off a halfback draw in the 4th quarter. At first I thought Ryan suffered from narcolepsy, but soon realized he was too gased from his longest run of the night to get up so he just took a quick cat nap at the 40-yardline. I’d like to thank him for his 4.80 points this week. His effort was unfortunately not great enough to defeat my opponents kicker who has Greg The Leg Zuerlein. Enjoy sleeping on my bench for the rest of the season, Ryan. Hope the nap was worth it. Maybe you should check in with your doctor to make sure you’re getting the best out of your sleeping patterns at night. I know if I don’t get a good 10, I’m no use to anyone.



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