FIFA = Futbol’s Idiot Fans Align

Yahoo – Released on September 27th for nearly every video game system available, the latest iteration of EA’s soccer sim has already sold over 4 million copies. Wii owners, however, were miffed to find out that their version of the game is nearly identical to last year’s model, FIFA 12. How close are the two games? Really all that’s been updated are the player rosters, as the gameplay modes, graphics, menus, and even play-by-play chatter are unchanged from FIFA 12. But that didn’t stop EA from slapping a 13 on the box and charging a full $50 for the game.


Need another reason why soccer is the worst sport in this country? I know all the diehards are going to be harping that this wasn’t a soccer problem, but more an EA Sports problem. Well, I have this to say.. EA hasn’t done this to any of their other sporting games. Nope, not this obvious. Not in Madden. Not in NCAA Basketball. Not in NCAA Football. Not in NBA Live. Nope, they did this in Fifa. Why? Because soccer sucks, has limited fans, and therefore makes limited profit for EA. So what does EA do? They say, “screw soccer, let’s throw out last years game, but change the 12 to a 13.” Genius EA, genius. Not only was it a shot at soccer as a whole, but it was a shot at their weird fans. Maybe soccer should be more than running up and down a field, kicking a ball. No one wants to watch that for 90 minutes just to have the game end 1-0. Or end in stoppage time. Or end 0-0. I’m getting anxiety and depression just thinking about that sorry ass, sad activity. I’m going to need a Ativan after this blog.




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