Bud Selig Is Quick To Make A Buck.. Or Forty


Yahoo – Major League Baseball is selling dirt from the Kansas City batter’s box in which Cabrera completed his historic triple crown feat. The asking price? Would you believe $39.99. The authenticated dirt is encased in a clear plaque that also contains Cabrera’s batting average, home runs and runs batted in.


Leave it to Major League Baseball to jew their way to a couple of bucks. Nice job, Bud. Collecting on one of your players historic accomplishment. You locked your players out in 2004-05 and you nearly locked them out again in 2002- all for money- and now you’re selling a half-dollar sized amount of dirt to your fans for $40. You might be a money hungry douche, but at least you’re not Roger Goodell or better yet, Gary Bettman. That guy just hates his fans. And I’m pretty sure he hates hockey just as much. I say Obama calls up Stephen Harper and offers a deal for Canada to purchase the rights to the NHL just to get it off our American hands. The only sport it beats out is soccer, and with this new lockout, well, yeah it’ll still beat out soccer because soccer sucks, but it’s getting close. NFL > NBA > MLB > PGA > NASCAR > WNBA > NHL > MLS



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