All In With JACCPOT Entertainment

DeSean Jackson Rapping

WordPress doesn’t allow me to post videos from Yahoo so I had to hyperlink the following video. Simply click “DeSean Jackson Rapping.” Apparently the Pro Bowl Eagles Wide Receiver wants to be a rapper as well as a wide receiver. I’m not sure why. He did just receive a pretty hefty contract from Philly. And its not like he’s not doing well for himself. I guess its true that athletes want to be musicians and musicians want to be athletes. No one is ever satisfied with their occupation or lives. Or, his buddies are hyping the shit out of him to run this record label so they all can make a quick buck off his name. My guess is the latter. But, I could care less as a Giants fan. Hopefully it’ll all blow up in Philly’s face, he’ll go bankrupt, request a larger contract, he’ll tank games until he gets it, and Philly will go down, down, down. Keep rapping, DeSean! All of Giants Nation is All In with JACCPOT Records!

I have to admit, DJax looks like a mix between a poor TI, and a rich Lil Wayne. Not sure what to make of it. Anyway, the other schmucks in the picture are the guys sapping DJax for all his mula.


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