Does This Look Like A Fantasy Football Team That Should Be 0-3, Going On 0-4?

‘Cause it is. And it’s killing me slowly. I literally started having an allergic reaction while watching Thursday Night Football. Red, itchy skin from the top of my head to mid-chest. The internet says it’s due to my new antibiotic that I started tonight, but what does the internet know. Bunch of random made up lies. Everyone knows that. Wikipedia is just a small scam the internet puts out. Fuck you, WebMD. What do you know? I know I had an allergic reaction to Pitta scoring “0” points. I know it. I hate losing. And apparently so does my body. IM FUCKIN’ ALLERGIC TO IT! That’s how bad it is. I need help. Serious help. Before I end up like Junior Seau or totally oblivious to the world like the Gronkowski’s.



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