It’s Been A Long Time Coming & Thanks To The Replacements.. I’m Back.

Unless you’re either a redneck hillbilly, your typical sports hating female, or a child under the age of 5, you’re aware of the NFL’s officiating problems. So as the Sports Reporter sat back earlier tonight, contemplating making a return & checking out the new WordPress app for his iOS6 iPhone software, it hit him. The NFL’s problem is exactly like a nowadays relationship. Don’t follow? Well listen closely & take notes:

Roger Goodell is your typical male in a relationship. & the original refs are the girlfriend who’s there for you, but no one likes because she’s crazy as hell. Then there’s the replacement refs. They are the “new girl.” The one you meet at school/work, at the bar, a friends house, wherever. You strike a convo with her & bam you start to see things in her that your girl lacks. Typical everyday dilemma. & if you’re denying, you’re lying. Anyways, here’s Roger with the original refs asking for pensions, insurances, more money, all the above. Just like if your crazy girlfriend was demanding you move in together, get married, & have kids. Roger doesn’t want that. Not right now. Dude has plenty of time to do that in the future. Chill. So he sees this new girl, the replacement refs. They don’t want all that stuff. They just want to chill. Have fun. No strings. & then you have the NFL execs, the typical males friends backing their bro up. Saying things like, “na dude. This ones way better. Don’t cave into her. Make her cave into you. It’ll happen. Just watch.” But it won’t bro. Girls never cave. They’re stubborn creatures. Meanwhile the replacements will eventually turn into the originals & the same requests will be made. Extra money=marriage, insurance=house, pensions=kids. They all want the same things. Like every male, Roger will learn that. Broads gon’ be broads. Keep your girl who you’ve invested time & money into. The one you know can get the job done. You’re not upgrading or bettering.. they’re all the same. Give the refs what they want. Move on with your lives. & be happy with it. Be like every dude out in the real world who wakes up everyday, looks over at his wife/girlfriend, sees their kids, their house, their yard & says, “Fuck. I wonder what Katherine’s doing these days?”

PS. The WordPress app for the iPhone sucks Scott Disick. Kept freezing every time I wanted to load a pic. Then It’d zoom by itself. Un-zoom. Bunch of nonsense if you ask me. I had to roll over in my bed, grab my MacBook Pro, log in to WordPress, & then go from there. Their website says “The WordPress for iOS was created by Automattic and developed with the help of the WordPress community. Home screen icons were designed for WordPress by Ben Dunkle. WordPress for iOS uses the Glyphish icon set by Joseph Wain.” … Well all I can say is that these dudes are no better than the line judge for the Green Bay v. Seattle Monday Night Football game. Absolute fiasco. Fix yo’ shit, WordPress.



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