In Other News… PowerBall-in’


Well the Sports Reporter played the PowerBall last night and what can I say, dude hit it big. Na, Im playing. I didn’t win the lotto. If I had I wouldn’t be blogging right now. Id most likely be running around like a mad man. Calling everybody that I knew. Bragging like a mofo. $325 million? You serious? Id take the cash pay out-$202 million, buy a house, buy my mom a house, buy a car, and retire at 24 years old. Just straight fuck the world style. Id of course go on a few vacations. Take my boys to Vegas. Do shit like that. But for the most part, Id live like a 65 year old. Just chill out in my house, play golf once a day, maybe twice, and just love life. Listening to everyone bitch about their jobs, shit houses, and shit cars. Of course, until I win the PowerBall, Im one of those people bitching. Faaaaacccccckkkk. I’ll get you one day PowerBall. We meet again Wednesday night.

Oh, and if the Win for Life would like to be my friend, I’ll take $5,000 a month for the rest of my life. Aint no shame in that.



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