In Other News… This Dude Drives Better Than Most Women

You want to know why I’m not a fan of Fast & Furious? Because this kid wasn’t in Tokyo Drift. Dude’s got mad skills with a wheel chair. Just roaming all over the bootleg Mexican joint. And whats good with everyone in the restaurant not giving a fuck. You’ve got some wheelchair kid, mopping up your floor with his crazy drifting skills and not one person is paying attention or in awe. Id be all over his shit trying to get an autograph. Even if it was just a scribble or a stamp. And don’t tell me he couldn’t be in the movie because he’s handicapped. Vin Diesel was one of the main characters. He’s about as handicapped as you get. He has all the signs of down syndrome. All 6.

I can already imagine homeboy fighting some 80 year-old lady at the downtown Wal-Mart for a handicap parking space: “Granny’s about to pull in, but here comes ‘wheelchair drifting’ kid who slides in at the last second.” “And granny looks pissed.”

Dude probably pulls tons of Joni Eareckson Tada type bitches



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