Are Brentwood Students Racist? You Bet Your Bottom Dollar They Are



Yahoo – Vile racism raised its ugly head during a boys basketball game near Pittsburgh on Friday when fans of a nearly all-white suburban school ran on the court in banana suits and made monkey noises to taunt the players for their rivals, who play for a school which is predominantly African-American.


I had this article emailed to me today by my buddy STL. I was floored by it. Mostly because I can’t believe that this shit still goes on. And that there were parents, teachers, and other faculty there that did nothing to stop it. When I was in high school we had a section of the crowd called the Zoo Crew, or “Z Crew” as we called it. It was just current students who wore blue and white, stood up the whole game, and yelled at the opposition. Similar to the Cameron Crazies. We never got racist on kids. We’d throw out hairline jokes, or ugly jokes, or things of that nature. You know, shit to get in their heads. We had staged chants for every game. It was great. It was tradition. And that got shut down by faculty because they felt we were berating the competition. However, this school runs around in banana suits making monkey sounds, trying to mock the african american team, and thats not deemed to be berating? Their faculty actually laughed it off. Thought it was funny. Get the fuck outta here. Thats the kind of shit in society that needs to stop. Theres no need for the hate and prejudice of one another for some dumb shit like color of skin. How does someone’s skin color change how they are as a human? It doesn’t. We’re all human beings. We all have the same feelings and emotions. Some of us are just shaded differently. Its regions like the south, where they feel its needed to keep their Confederate flags flowing, that keep this hatred going. The American Civil War ended 147 years ago. Thats when this shit should have ended. Enough with all this. Let’s man the fuck up as a society. It doesn’t get us anywhere to berate and harass one another over skin color. All it does is set us back 150 years, and make our history as a country practically worthless.


And yes, I’m aware of the fact that this took place in Pennsylvania, up North. But I still blame it on the whole Southern culture. Get ride of that God awful Confederate flag. Its not your history. You aren’t your own country. You’re a part of the United States of America. Theres one flag. It contains 13 red and white stripes, with a blue square containing 50 white stars. Recognize and respect.



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