The Patriots & Last Night’s Super Bowl Commercials = Fail

Anybody else notice that this year’s Super Bowl commercials sucked balls? How sad is it that this was probably the funniest one all night. What happened to the classics brought by Bud Light, Budweiser, Coca Cola, and Pepsi. Doritos didn’t even have that many. Maybe like 2-3, I think. And they weren’t all that funny. There we so many car commercials. And car commercials are boring as fuck. The dudes boss dying in the passenger seat? Aliens? Vampire Party? Fuckin’ serious? Seinfeld probably had the 2nd funniest, but then I saw the outtakes that were removed and automatically got pissed off. The deleted shit was 100x funnier than the shit they put out. Omelette dude killed.



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