Eli Makes New England Chick Cry

Is it bad that while watching this I literally laughed until I started tearing up? Nothing better than watching the opposing teams female fans cry while trying to defend themselves. “Its all stupid Eli Manning’s fault. If he wasn’t so, so, so stupid. I hate him now” Haha, na sweetheart its New England’s fault. You can’t play a lick of defense. You don’t run the ball. You have no wide receivers besides Welker. And 70% of your offense relies on 2 tight ends. Suck it up. Maybe you should have involved Ochocinco more than 15 times all season. Don’t give me this “he doesn’t knowt he offense.” It doesn’t take years to learn. Beli-douche is just trying to prove a point. That he’s a douche.

And how much of a dick is her boyfriend. Just recording her at her lowest and then he goes and Youtube’s it. I swear if the Giants were to have lost last night and some mofo uploaded a video of me crying, I’d be fighting right now. And if it was a girlfriend, oh hell no. I don’t even want to think about what I’d do. No amount of sandwiches, dinners, batches of laundry, house cleaning, or sex favors would suffice. That bitch would owe me her life.



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