Lucas Oil Stadium Brought To You By 30,000 Legos

All of us as children tried building shit with Legos. Fuck, about a year ago I was building some fuckin’ dinosaur shit with my ex’s nephew. Kid loved it. And the shit looked nothing like anything that I was trying to make. Its damn near impossible to replicate with Legos. At least that’s what I had thought before I saw this video. Dude went HAM with some Legos, replicating Lucas Oil Stadium. Best part? He’d never been there or seen it, just went off photos and blueprints. He bossed that shit taking him 3 years to complete. 3 years? I can’t play with Legos for more than 15-20 minutes. I haven’t had a relationship last 3 years. That’s a long as ass time. What if around the 2 year point you decided you want to replicate Cowboys Stadium aka Jerry Jones Land? Or perhaps you change sports and the Staples Center becomes interesting for you? You’re stuck with this one project for 3 years. Mind boggling. Better you than me. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. If you decide to sell it to Indy, I hope you get a pretty penny for it. They best be paying by the hour.



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