Karl Malone Forced To Buy Tickets To Jazz Games

Yahoo – quite a bit to Gordon Monson’s column revisiting of the end of the Jerry Sloan era in Utah, none more surprising than the claim from Jazz legend Karl Malone that Malone had to pay for a ticket from a scalper to watch the Jazz on Feb. 11 of last year (a day after Sloan retired) after the team told him they were out of ducats.

Talk about hard hitting news. You can tell we’re getting close to the Super Bowl because reporters have less and less to talk about. I can already see this guy going into his boss’ office…

Reporter – “Alright so I just got this lead out of Utah”

Boss – “Utah getting a football team?”

Reporter – “No”

Boss – “Jazz bringing back Jerry Sloan”

Reporter – “No”

Boss – “They retiring Stockton’s jersey?”

Reporter – “No.” “Just listen.. Karl Malone has to buy his own tickets when he goes to Jazz games.”

At that very moment as the boss I would not only question my employee as a reporter, but I would also question myself as a boss for hiring such a nut job.

In all honesty, Malone made enough money with the Jazz to where he should buy his own tickets once he retires. I don’t care if you’re The Mailman, The Chuckster, Larry Legend, The Admiral, or Jordan, once you’re out of uniform you’re the general public which means do like everyone else and search NBA.com/tickets, Ticketmaster.com, or Stubhub.com. Its not like you can’t afford it. It’s estimated that you made $104,133,378 in your career. Tell me that’s not some hard hitting journalism right there. The Sports Reporter went all government on his ass looking up his career earnings. Na, not really. Bleacher Report helped a little. As did Google. Anyways, with that type of income and the fact that you live as a cowboy out in the mountains, you should be able to afford season tickets for the next 10-15 years, and still live comfortably. Not to mention you have about 6 children. How’s this for being a role model- “now remember kids, when you’re not given something for free, something you believe you have earned, you go straight to some columnist and complain like a bitch.” Too bad everyday wasn’t Sunday, that way we wouldn’t have to listen to the damn Mailman deliver this shit for news. Fuck off Mailman.


One thought on “Karl Malone Forced To Buy Tickets To Jazz Games

  1. Karl should pay for more than his own ticket. Buy some needy kids a ticket. Buy Isaiah Thomas a ticket for busting his head open and acting like you did nothing. Jerk.


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