Josh Hamilton Has Another Good Ass Night

Yahoo – The worst part about Josh Hamilton’s relapse is that he didn’t care. The most famous addict in sports does not go to a bar in the town where he is best known without full knowledge that his exploits will become public in a matter of hours. That it took three full days for Hamilton’s latest relapse to go viral – and that incriminating pictures have yet to surface – is something of a miracle. What we know at the moment, from the Dallas Morning News report and confirmation by the Texas Rangers, is that Hamilton drank Monday. The particulars – was he drunk, why did he drink and was he really letting women at the bar grab his butt? – don’t matter as much as the act. With addicts they never do. Sobriety is black and white. Black won Monday.


A miracle bro? Get off that. I know the guy is a recovering alcoholic. And I know it took years off of his career, basically jeopardizing it. But to go to the degree of making it Yahoo! material, or having it get its own segment on Sportscenter; that’s ridiculous. Last night the Sports Reporter was just laying in bed, eating a doughnut and drinking a nice, cold glass of milk when all of a sudden This Just In To Sportscenter popped up on my screen and I believe it was John Anderson who got to saying how there were reported sighting of Josh Hamilton at a hometown bar. This shits really Breaking News worthy? Dude gets seen at a bar? Recovering alcoholic or no recovering alcoholic, that shit shouldn’t be reported. Not unless he’s fighting some dude, destroying the bar or raping bitches. And yes, thats the order of severity in which it should be reported. Fucking drinking a beer isn’t even on the list. I have my most fun when I’m drinking or drunk. Absolute blastity blast. Drinking whiskey and cokes, taking Dirty Girl Scout shots, watching STL pass out hugging the toilet, flirting with broads, having the broad take you home that night, or better yet waking up next to her, and of course, remember nothing passed 12am. Your only memory is what your friends witnessed. That’s a good ass night. So if Josh wants to have a good ass night, let that mofo have a good ass night. As you can see by the picture from his relapse in 2010, dude knows how to party. There are no apologies needed Josh. None. What you need to do is watch the folk who you surround yourself with. Like my boy said today, “God damn snitches all over the block, ratting his ass out.”



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