“I’m Going To Let You Off With a $100 Donation”

Yahoo – […] For minor offenses, a $100 donation to the Clothe-a-Child fund can get you completely off the hook. You do the (minor, likely victimless) crime, you do no time, and kids in need benefit. Sounds like a win-win to me. If you’re curious about what you can get away with, Deputy Prosecutor Allison Broviak told the Indy Star that minor offenses include things like public intoxication, trespassing, or selling counterfeit tickets.


Here that folks? You can get drunk, trespass and attempt to sell counterfeit tickets in Indy this weekend and get away with it for just a small, $100 donation to Clothe-a-Child.  Yup, so grab your counterfeits, sell about 10, and right there you’re covered for at least 2 nights worth of enjoyment. I don’t know how selling counterfeit tickets is considered a minor offense, its no accidental move like having one too many and pissing in a bush. But even with that it sounds like a deal to me. If only I knew how to counterfeit…



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