T.Plush Does Hockey

Alright so I have a couple things to say. The first being, how does a black man from San Fran/San Jose get involved in hockey? The second thing is, this video beats down a lot of stereotypes about blacks. 1) that they hate the cold. Plush looked happy as fuck out there on the ice. 2) that they hate hockey. Like a dude getting his first blow job, Plush was ear to ear while talking about hockey. He even said hockey was his favorite sport. 3) Due to the assumption that they hate the cold, I also figured they couldn’t skate. And again, Plush proved he was damn good on some blades. I guess you learn something new everyday.

The third thing is, how bad was that first shot by T.Plush? Bro swung like a man at the puck and it just dribbled to the goalie’s right foot, ricocheting off. I haven’t seen something that sad since I watched John Wall try to throw out the first pitch at a Nationals game. Ok, so Morgan’s shot wasn’t that bad. At least he hit the goalie. The second shot looked like he meant business. Right through the 5 hole. Why they call it the 5 hole, I have no idea. I should probably Google that, but at this very moment I don’t really feel like it. It would just bring down my writing anyways. I’d then have to delete about 3 sentences. Too much work. Let’s just say it has a meaning. I’m not even sure why it’s considered a “hole” anyways. Should be more like a “gap” or a “space.” I always picture a “hole” being circular. That could just be me though.

And fourth, any one who doesn’t want to watch the entire 3 minute clip, skip to 2:10. That’s where he gets to shooting and showing off his hockey skills. I bet you all his homeboys in San Jose/San Fran/Milwaukee went nuts after watching this. I can already hear the T.Plush chants. “Throw the T up! You see it, you see it!” Or, “its the Usain Bolt. Cock it back and let it fly!”



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