It’s Up And It’s Good!

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in the front row. As dudes we pray for these types of seats at all sporting events. ESPN is constantly catching the guy who just bought a large popcorn and soda only to then turn around and have Ron Artest come flying into his lap, spilling it all over his nice white dress shirt. Sorry dude, but based on your waist, you’ve had enough sugar in your life. Artest was just helping you out on your doomsday mission of type 2 diabetes. And most of you are probably thinking- popcorn and soda at games aren’t that cheap- well you’re right folks they aren’t. But if you’re sitting front row, literally 3 seats right to the last guy on the bench, then you can afford to go buy another if need be. If I can afford to buy a broad a large popcorn, large drink, and candy at the movie theaters, then some CEO business dude can get himself another large Coke.

Enough of this garbo, let’s get to the video. Carlisle gets so fired up that his team is blowing the game that he Lawrence Tynes’d the basketball right at homeboy’s face. Tell me Rick wasn’t an all-star kickball player on the school yard and that he didn’t play kicker on his high school football team, and I’ll call you a liar. The guy just stepped right up, no hesitation, and kaaaaablammmo! I’m pretty sure he wasn’t apologizing at the end. I could have sworn I heard him yell, “how’s leather taste?!” Only to have the fan yell back, “aaaaagggggghhhhhmmammmmm, like shit.” Carlisle’s reply, “ok.”

Fuckin’ movie theaters prices bro:



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