Young High-Stakes Casino Gambler, Or, Young Whales For Short

Yahoo – In the summer of 2010, Cruz and fellow Giants rookie Nate Collins (now with the Jaguars) bonded over their passion for fashion. They did some research, and by April they had started a company with initial investments of $5,000 each. By September, the duo designed their first line of clothes and were ready to sell online. […] The line’s name, Young Whales, plays on the term “whale” being a high-stakes casino gambler. NFL fans might see some familiar faces on the company’s website. Starting on a low budget, Cruz and fellow Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden were two of the original models. […] Fans and players alike are embracing Cruz’s clothes. Young Whales’ fall line, which included a Christmas order, sold so well that a spring line is in the works.

Ain’t no way this line is going to fail anytime soon. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Blow up in a pre-season game in ’10 against your interstate rival the Jets. Get hurt and miss all of the regular season. Comeback in ’11 and make the team based on your pre-season contributions from the year before. Then turn yourself into one of the most explosive, dynamic receivers in the game. Not to mention he created himself a signature touchdown celebration, the Salsa, and nickname, Cha Cha Cruz. The Sports Reporter will most definitely be getting a Young Whales t-shirt in the near future as a token of my appreciation. Thanks to Vic-  Giants management, players and fans are all thinking the same thing, “Steve Smith who?”

Random thought: How pissed must Nate Collins be? Dude was drafted by New York, was originally playing with Cruz, decided to start this company with him, then gets sent to sorry ass Jacksonville- the team whose owner looks like fuckin’ Super Mario- and now the company’s ’bout to blow up Martin Payne style, and no one knows who the dude is. Take the money and run Nate.



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