Peyton Says, “I Feel Really Good”



ESPN – “I really feel good. I continue to make progress every day,” he said. “Everything that the doctors have told me has been on point, which is encouraging to me. I just had a great day today with rehab, just got back from the facility, and that’s what we continue to do. Just keep trying to get better. So far I have. That’s the plan from here on out.” – Peyton Manning

In case you have noticed folks, this man is like God to the NFL. Especially to ESPN. He’s all up on that ish. We went from hearing about Tim Tebow to now having to hear about Peyton Manning. Every day. It’s like the whole Favre fiasco all over again. Will he play again? And if so, where? San Fran? Washington? The Jets? Miami? Indy? Every day its a new team and a new made up story regarding Peyton, his neck, and his future. I had no problem finding these videos. Just started typing in “Peyt…” & before I could go any further, Google was like, “Oh would you like to see Peyton Manning’s interview on Sportscenter where he gives you no new answers to the questions about his future? He does, however, talk about Eli a whole lot.” Damn Google, give me a second to complete my thought. Maybe I was trying to type in Peyton Sawyer; looking to get the update on her and One Tree Hill. Fuckin Google man. Its a gift and a curse. Kind of like being a reporter. Once in a while you get that good story where the athlete or coach is completely honest, making you look like a genius. But more of the time reporters put themselves out there for interviews like this. If I’m being told to go interview Manning about his recovery, the rehab and his future, I’m guaranteeing you I know every answer that he’s going to give me. Word for word. Good ol’ ESPN wasting Trey Wingo’s time. Poor SOB. And is there any doubt as to what Indy is going to do? Irsay’s signing the check, paying Manning $28 millliiiiioooooonnnnns, the Colts are drafting Andrew Luck, and Peyton’s taking snaps from under center all of 2012. I’ve never even completed a full “Madden Franchise” and even I know that’s the best managerial move. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, Indy. Pay the dude.



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