“Officer, She Told Me To Go Deep”

Yahoo – As first reported by ThisWeek Pickerington, and quickly confirmed by a number of other Ohio media outlets, Pickerington (Ohio) Central star Roger Lewis, who helped his team reach Ohio’s Division I state football title game in 2011, has been charged with two first-degree felony charges of rape, both of the same female acquaintance. Like the alleged victim, Lewis is 18 and is being charged as an adult after a nearly month-long investigation by Pickerington Police. The victim has been described only as a fellow Pickerington High student. She alleges she was raped both in December 2011 and again on Jan. 6.

Today was National Signing Day for high school stars. Roger Lewis had scholarship offers from Ohio, Marshall, Bowling Green, Ohio State, West Virginia, Arizona and supposedly 14 other schools. Unfortunately, the only thing Roger will be seeing for a while is an 8×10 room with cement walls. He’ll probably have a cellmate named Brutus who will take superb care of him. They’ll share Ramen noodles, use each other to work out, share bedtime stories, play some dominos, and maybe, just maybe, Roger will get lucky and Brutus will let him be the guy once. Ah fuck, who am I’m fooling, that shit ain’t happening. These dudes are gonna see this 18 year old, hear that he raped a chick twice and fuckin’ run him into the ground. Those dudes don’t play. You wanna murder a whole village? Blow up a couple buildings? Become the DC sniper? That shit’s cool. Oh you assault a broad? AND you raped her????? Multiple times? Hell mothafuckin’ no. The only bright spot for this kid is that once he gets out, he’ll already have completed the necessary requirements for a scholarship at Ohio State University, the University of Miami, and Penn State University.

PS. Broseph, you can’t just go around raping chicks. Here’s a bit of advice of what you should have done: This bitch didn’t want any? Fuck her, she probably wasn’t that nice anyways. You should have 1) got her number, 2) gone big time to some mega university where there would have been bitches coming out of the woodworks to sleep with you, 3) fucked maaaaaaaaddddddddd sororities btiches, 4) went 1st round in the NFL draft, 5) called that bitch up, and just laughed, laughed, laughed. All like a hyena. Then you could have told her “Y’all never get this!!!!!!!” All Borat style on a ho. At that point she would have pleaded and begged to give you a blow job. And let’s be honest, isn’t that what all of us guys want?



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