Money May Can’t Catch Miss Pac Man

One of my bros and I have been pleading for a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Boxing needs it. Fans want it. Yet neither side can make it. They just kept going back and forth, with each camp blaming each other. And now, Mayweather comes out and says he’s fighting Cotto because, according to him, “Miss Pac Man” is ducking him. You have to love Money Mayweather. Scared of no man. And scared to hit no woman. Which is why he’ll never get to fight Pacquiao. And which is why he’ll have to resort to fighting Miguel Cotto come May 5th. You ask who the Sports Reporter blames? The answer is Mayweather’s former girlfriend. You’re dating one of the best boxers in the world, you get loud with him, and you expect him not to go off on you. In the words of the NFL Countdown Crew, “C’mon Man!” This country was found on hitting hoes. You think Thomas Jefferson never hit a ho? Please! He had like 20. Of all different racist. All getting loud. And all getting hit. And what did he do? He was only one of the Founding Fathers of one of the greatest countries. Because of you neither camp has time to put together the fight of all fights, instead of having only 3 months. Boxing remains dead, and with no hope of revival in the near future. Its just one more blemish against women and their rights. You  want equal rights? Woman up and fight back. Title IX guys, Title IX.



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