“I got 3 million followers on Twitter. That’s my podium.”

The internet is a cruel, cruel place. For the last hour or so, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for one damn video. The video of Chad Ochocinco saying, “I never thought I was elite. That was you guys. I just thought I was good. I like to do two things: talk shit and celebrate.” I must have seen this damn clip 10-15 times on Sportscenter. Just over and over. But go to ESPN and try to find the clip. Ain’t happening. Check Youtube. Nope. They only have every video known to man, but not this one. How about Google, you ask? No, Google doesn’t have that shit either. And Google has everything mothaf-ing thing. I even got as desperate as to tweet Ocho to ask where I could find the video. Dude has to have a copy or at least know where I can locate one. The only video I could find was of his interview with Deion Sanders, and that shit wasn’t funny or even a bit humorous. Kind of depressing it you ask me. Not the old Chad. The Mad Chad. The dude who built himself an empire with quotes and end zone celebrations. That’s the Chad that I loved. And that’s the Chad that I keep seeing in this brief clip. So I promise you, I will find this video and I will post it. Guaran-damn-tee it. However, if anyone finds it before me, shoot me the link and you’ll most definitely earn a shout you out in the post.



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