“…At Least There’s A Positive If We Lose”

Alright, so in case you folks missed that whole dialogue, it went a little something like this: Maria has a bet with her correspondent regarding the Super Bowl. Giants win, Maria has to wear a Giants bikini on-air. Pats win, her correspondent has to wear a Patriots cheerleading uniform while on-air. The best part about the whole process is what Gronk says and does to her afterwards. He’s gives a little head nod, a wink, and says, “at least there’s a positive if we lose.” Bam. Dude can’t do a fuckin’ interview to save his life, but he has no problem laying it all out to Miss Menounos. Personally, I can’t stand Gronk. And it not because I’m a Giants fan. It’s because of all the Masshole Pats fans. “Oh shit, the Gronk spike.” “Its like he’s drilling for oil, bro.” No its not. The dude just spiked the ball. Players do that every weekend, in almost every game. Shit ain’t original. Fuck outta here with the “Gronk Spike.” I’ll give this to the neanderthal, he’s a hell of a pass catcher, and a hell of a tight end. No doubt. You don’t just end up with wide receiver numbers and the most touchdowns all-time for a tight end in a season without being special. He just happens to have the most annoying fans in the country backing him up. Fuckin’ New England fans.

PS. So as I think about it, I can’t really hate Gronk for his suckass fans. Every place I see him online, he’s standing next to some Grade A Prime. The guy knows how to live life. The Hoodie must hate him for that. Straight up refuses to live the “Patriot Lifestyle.” Just acting like a 22 year old male who’s ballin’ out in the NFL. So for that, congrats Gronk. Keep pulling’ them bad bitches. And make sure to take plenty of photos. And don’t forget to party hardcore Saturday night, February 4th. Fuck sleeping. All day, every day.



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